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3 reasons to have an inventory control system

Oct 17, 2022 | inventarios

Small and midsize companies that are constantly growing face several challenges, among which is the organization of large volumes of information coming from different systems.

An inventory control system, such as the one integrated in SAP Business One, can be the solution to your problems. Through these tools, a company is able to obtain detailed reports on inventory levels, completed orders and deliveries.

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All of these capabilities make it easier for employees, from the sales level to the warehouse, to have greater visibility into the company’s line of operations. This enables the following tasks.


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Optimize processes from order to delivery


When a sale is in progress, it is easy to review inventory levels and, if sufficient stock is available, create an order through customized inventory controls.

Once the order is created, the warehouse team will receive a signal to proceed to deliver the order, to make the process much faster.

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Manage company-wide inventory 


If the warehouse manager receives an order at a certain location and that warehouse is out of stock, he will be able to check if there is another location with the needed products, or if there is a way for them to receive more merchandise before the delivery date.

Thanks to an inventory control system such as the one hosted by SAP Business One, the inventory levels and stock status of products are automatically updated.

Likewise, and if necessary, your employees will be able to track shipments that are crucial to your business.

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Access real-time reports


Members of your company will have access to real-time updates of your information. This will allow for the creation of more accurate reports that show the relationship in your inventory over time, resulting in a more informed decision-making process.


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