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How is logistics evolving in Mexico?

Sep 9, 2022 | Logística

According to Ibero-American Science Magazine, Mexico’s logistics infrastructure includes 117 seaports, over 370,000 km of roads, 27,000 km of railways and 76 airports.


Todays logistics situation in Mexico


Mexico is a territory with a convenient position regarding infrastructure and logistics processes.

Logistics barriers in Mexico include public administration (31%), infrastructure (19%), processes (18%), information technology (17%) and human capital (15%).

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Existing impact of logistics in Mexico on their organizations


Faced with today’s case, the territory did not remain indifferent. Companies aware of the potential of logistics in Mexico have developed solutions that offer a response to the recent shortcomings in this sector.


Strategic rethinking of logistics organizations in Mexico.


Several companies have distinguished themselves by incorporating advanced technology into their supply chain. In doing so, Senalusa has demonstrated the value of using advanced tools in the supply chain.


Development of projects to promote logistics in Mexico


Faced with hidden efforts, ProMéxico is pushing ahead with a national plan based on roadmaps. This plan was joined by leading institutions, public and private organizations in the field of logistics, and together they developed the National Logistics Roadmap (MRNL).

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The future of logistics in Mexico


The number of people shopping online is increasing and logistics organizations in Mexico have to adapt to this type of shopping.

To develop all these processes, logistics in Mexico must promote a distribution and transport sector capable of handling all operations related to the movement of requests.

Thus, by increasing the logistics skills in Mexico using digital permits, an important part of its resources will be increased. However, the organizations must work together to overcome the challenges and make Mexico one of the world’s greatest logistical powers.

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