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Avoid this 5 logistical problems in your warehouse

Sep 9, 2022 | Logística

There are many problems within warehouses that are sometimes difficult to solve.

Causing terrible damages to the company, which represent loss of money and resources.

Avoid falling into them before it is too late. Find out which are the most common logistic problems in the warehouse:


Common for all


Well, no, not all the resources we have to manage have to be stored on conventional shelves, although they «adapt» due to their weight and size.

If we are not lucky enough to store homogeneous load units in terms of size, weight and shape, we must carry out the relevant analysis which, taking into account the logistical properties of the references to be managed and/or their nature, makes it possible to dedicate the means, the handling resources, the installations and the PPE adapted to all the storage needs that each set of articles will need.


Continue to see the repository as a «separate» entity


One of the causes is perhaps the zeal we have with the flow of information that we consider «sensitive» for our organization, because the true adhesion of the supply chain is inspired precisely by the information sharing.

The supplier has a better understanding of their procurement or construction lead times and lead times, and with complete, real-time visibility into our own inventory needs, they can supply to us more efficiently and at a lower price than we can.

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Failure to use a culture of continuous optimization.


Since the true fixation of continuous optimization involves an extreme and total cultural change in the organization.

An organization with twenty employees and one person responsible for making improvements, assuming that it manages to maintain a rhythm of one optimization action per month, implements twelve per year, and that it accepts that each of them is famous.

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Deferred work.


This unhealthy habit causes serious errors in the flow of information, removes the reliability of inventory levels and from there, everything that works due to maintaining the accuracy of these levels is out of balance, creating more and more inconveniences, emergencies and negative.

We own the data, we have the ability to see it, manage it and measure it, but we don’t turn it into effective information to make elections.

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The organization of work teams.


Ongoing training and information on the new resources available to manage your work, training in union stability, good work practices, new tools and group work techniques, leadership, participation, project management. The areas of training are endless and we must never forget that this training must integrate the part of the staff who must manage them.

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