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Covid-19 impact on the supply chain after the pandemic

Jul 17, 2022 | Supply Chain

After the pandemic, the world has gone through many changes. From social isolation to economic hits to the governments, we have seen all types of impacts in the way things used to be. But strictly form the business perspective, companies were the first ones to change their models to survive. We tell you what was the covid impact on the supply chain after the pandemic and other points in how covid 19 impacted supply chains.


Let’s start with the beginning of the pandemic to understand the covid impact

First as we started to isolate from the world and start the quarantine, companies shouted down their production of good and transportation stopped moving, no matter the medium. That’s just a quick brief on how covid 19 impacted supply chains at the beginning.

From there, it all changed. Some companies started implementing new supply chain strategies to survive the era and others sadly just didn’t make it out of the struggles of having no sales and increasing supply chain costs.


Other problems appear more than just covid impact on the supply chain

As if it fighting against one of the biggest human crisis ever wasn’t enough, during covid-19 the effects of the climate change started to appear, not only in the environmental industry but also on the supply chain industry. From fewer resources to difficult transportation of products, climate change is a new challenge for supply chain experts.


Packaging issues, a new trend for brands

Due to the mess caused to the previous points mentioned, the supply of packaging goods became a problem to many organizations and a headache to procurement managers. Some companies been forced to search for alternatives in packaging, not only on the fabric but also on the process.

Other managers started to talk directly to their suppliers to know their production capability and start working on those numbers for their production, not only on batches but also on the design of the packaging so they can speed the process.


New solutions rise

As the world changed, also the thinking of the heads at the supply chain areas. They started seeing their suppliers as partners more than ever, at the end of the day both companies were struggling to keep going forward with their business models.

In the auto parts industry some experts started to looking for alternatives in the sub-assembling of their components. Some solutions were just perfect for the moment, with lower costs on the workforce and high efficiency compared to other traditional services.

In the e-commerce, digital companies and others that have a digital market were previously searching for other solutions in their distribution process so they can only focus on their digital and selling strategies, at the end of the day delivering the products is not part of their core business.


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