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Contract manufacturing and 3PL services in Mexico

Jun 21, 2022 | Contract Manufacturing

Businesses are always looking for a way to improve their service from the competition, sadly most of them search for their answer outside of their operations instead of analyzing other strategic decisions. Learn here a solution for all the companies that want to succeed in today’s world with a contract manufacturing and 3PL solution in Mexico.

What is contract manufacturing?

Usually contract manufacturing is used when a company is searching for a new approach on how operates its business. It consists in the hiring of a third-party production company to provide some services of a component production, either that you use it for your product or a finished good.

What about the 3PL services?

That’s exactly one of the services that a contract manufacturer can provide to be a more complete ally. Logistics is one of the toughest challenges if you are administrating a business and even more when we are talking about an international company.

Well, there is one solution for making these processes and the supply chain process easier. There is a certain number of contract manufacturers that are starting to offer also a number of third-party solutions, this way you will only have to worry about your corporate decisions and not the operational.

What are the benefits of using a contract manufacturer?

We are going to make this one easy and quick: You will have high quality product with fewer costs than doing it by yourself. One clear example is the use of kitting in Mexico.

And some other benefits can be that you are going to cut your times in getting a product at your client’s facilities or production times, if a component is the only thing that you want the expert to manufacture and if you are looking for a JIT/JIS solution.

Its 2022, organizations that don’t start looking for viable solutions to the inflation and economic changes will start to disappear and there is no better benefit that keeping your business intact through tough times.

Okay, but why in Mexico?

Many companies are starting to turn their eyes at contract manufacturers and many others BPO services in Mexico because of its alignment with the contract manufacturing philosophy.

You will get an efficient, productive and cheap workforce that is also being pushed by other trade laws in order to make the imports and exports of production components and finished goods easier.


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