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Mexico is becoming an ally in a new strategic area: Kitting.

Jul 18, 2022 | Kitting Services

It is very important between countries to be allies and help each other grow and develop their companies so their societies can move forward to economic development. In recent years we have actually seen many developing countries stand out as strategic allies in certain areas depending on their characteristics. Let us tell you how and why choose Mexico as an ally in kitting.


Mexico Stategic ally, in general

What does it take from a country to be a commercial ally to another? First we have to seek in to their natural resources, these can come in many shapes and it is not always a good, it can also be their work force.

Mexican companies can provide others with a work force engaged not only with their own success but also their collective success through goals and purpose of building better solutions that help organizations grow.

But that not only stops there, you will also need government support to operate in their country and that is where free trade agreements come clutch. Mexico has at least 13 free trade agreements with other 50 countries, making Mexico Strategic Ally so valuable for other companies.


Where does the kitting solutions in Mexico play a role in this?

We have been talking a lot about the value of Mexico as an ally but what does this have to do with the kitting services in Mexico? Well you see, in order to have a kitting supplier you will need to either send them the components so they can assemble the products in Mexico and sell them or send the kits back to your warehouse in your operating countries.

That is where the free trade agreements help, with these agreements you will transport the goods in and out of the country with easiness. Maybe it’s not seen as a value at first, but once you start operating and needing these kits at your facilities or your client facilities, that’s where the real value of an ally is seen.


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