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How do we define the kitting process?

Sep 9, 2022 | Kitting Services

Kitting is a process or logistical service that is mainly based on bringing together the different parts that make up a product to produce a package. After assembling all the materials of the product in a single kit, it is sent to the next phase of the process where the warehouse operators will proceed with its assembly.

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Differences between kitting and VAS


Sometimes doubts can arise regarding kitting and VAS (Cost Added Service), the well-known process of supplying a production line.

Kitting, on the other hand, is a technique whose main objective is to streamline the assembly process to work more efficiently and immediately throughout the rest of the logistics process.

How to accommodate the equipment warehouse?


The preparation of packages or kits must be carried out through storage systems suitable for this task, only in this way will it be possible to be efficient and organized throughout the entire process. However, what properties should these storage racks have?

  • Facilitate the entry of materials visibly and immediately.
  • Help a good organization by referrals to optimize worker movements.

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The most suitable racks to carry out the assembly process are:

To store small parts or materials, the best organization will be through picking shelves or manual loading. They offer instant and simple accessibility and are specially designed for manual material handling where operators have the ability to easily remove products without the use of machines


Advantages of using kitting in a warehouse


Although kitting is a process that requires a lot of involvement and organization on the part of the company and operators, once applied correctly it is really efficient and effective, providing enormous benefits throughout the process.

The specialization of workers in each position minimizes the appearance of errors in the process due to organization and categorization.

With the savings in time and administration by operators, the costs associated with the entire logistical process are considerably reduced.

This prior preparation of the packages allows the assembly process to be constant and uninterrupted.

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Is kit automation elementary?


This automation not only reduces the risk of error and optimizes inventory control, but also provides greater stability of the merchandise and reduces the time in all logistical processes.

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