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What is Kitting manufacturing in Mexico and its process for your warehouse

May 13, 2022 | 3PL Services

A tool like kitting manufacturing in Mexico is often used by strategic companies in order to finish their production process and have a better order fulfillment, but, what is Kitting and how is implemented in a warehouse?


What is Kitting Manufacturing?

Kitting is a logistics process that allows different components or products to be assembled by a third-party to make a full package or kits delivered to a client.

The primary objective of kitting in manufacturing is to eliminate time searching for components and administrate the needs for a production requirement.

There is a correlation between Kitting & JITS, to know more read our article about it here.


Kitting process in warehouse

A 3PL kitting process can help your warehouse with the receiving, processing and delivering goods to costumers, this way an expert is in charge of assembling individual items into kits ready for shipping them out.

This process will organize better your inventory and increase your efficiency by generating fewer SKUs and making it simpler for warehouse workers to have all kits in one place.

You can learn more about this logistic strategy for your kits by just clicking here.


Kitting Manufacturing in Mexico

In order to work with a kitting service provider in Mexico you have to make sure they have an IMMEX certificate that allows them to import temporally the goods being used in your kits.

A&T Sorting Company is one of the kitting providers in Mexico that works with the IMMEX program, you can learn more about it here.


Why use this service in Mexico and how to start?

Having a good supply chain administration in your company will allow to convert the components into finished products and deliver them to the costumer in better times, the benefits of working with a kitting service in Mexico will be:

  • Having an efficient and cheap workforce assembling your kits
  • Cutting delivery times to your U.S. clients
  • A solution for the stopped storage from having your kits being assembled in other continents
  • Less risks in the delivery process to the U.S. since can be done by ground transportation

Start now to assemble your kits with a Mexican supplier by contacting A&T Sorting Company, we can help all types of companies that need to improve their supply chain processes.

Contact us here to know more information!

You can also write us a mail to or make a call to (844) 419 2582.

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