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You need to send various products to a costumer? Here’s the product kitting solution!

Jul 17, 2022 | Kitting Services

How many times have you been contacted by a client to send them different categories of your products in to a delivery kit sku? We have been seen a trend in the market of asking providers to assemble kitting and bundling in their services so they can receive everything they need already package and improve their supply chain process.

We tell you here how you can find a solution to these situations without losing a client and sometimes even improving your service.


Assembled products, a tendency in client’s orders.

As we have said before, many clients are asking suppliers to include kitting packaging in their delivery services, but this not only apply to manufacturing kitting. You may have seen B2C brands starting to sell their products in kits so they can lower their inventory levels at the same time that they are improving their service with giving everything they need to the client at just one order.


How kitting manufacturing is helping the supply chain?

With the supply chain costs increasing fast, companies can afford to assume another one to their profit but also with the after covid changes in the supply chain they need to start giving more value to their services in order to clients start seeing them as allies, more than just a supplier.

So this is where kitting and assembly solutions with a 3PL enters, you give these notable value to your manufacturers client without assuming a direct cost to your operation and also help your clients to keep their sourcing stay stable with excessive costs, even more value added!


Who are the most benefited with the product kitting and assembly solutions?

We have to remember the kitting meaning: when in base of a client order, a company starts grouping and packing inventory to make the sale of various component easier, not just to the provider but also to the manufacturer.

In the auto motor industry, OEMs have been incredibly benefited by the product kitting and assembly solutions by making their inventory accessible and keeping a workflow in their warehouses.

On the other hand, assembled products also helps them to administrate better their time and improve their inventory kpi’s.


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