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Hand Carrier Services in Mexico

Sep 5, 2023 | Hand Carrier

In logistics and transportation, where speed and precision are paramount, hand carrier solutions have emerged as a strategic way to meet urgent delivery needs. 

Let’s delve into the definition of hand carrier services and explore the advantages they offer! 


Hand Carrier Definition

Hand carrier, often referred to as hand carry or On Board Courier (OBC) services, is a premium logistics solution designed for swift and secure delivery of time-sensitive items. 

In the On Board Courier services, a dedicated courier personally accompanies the cargo as part of their hand baggage on a commercial flight. 

This hands-on approach of On Board Courier companies ensures the utmost care and attention to the shipment throughout its journey, offering a level of control and urgency that traditional shipping methods simply cannot replicate. 

Hand Carry services effectively bridge the gap between the urgency of same-day delivery and the reliability of air freight, making them an essential tool in modern logistics.

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Advantages of Hand Carrier Services

These are the main advantages of On Board Courier service

  • Speed and Time-Criticality: Hand carrier services excel in delivering time-sensitive goods. With direct flights and immediate boarding, the speed of delivery is unparalleled.
  • Reduced Risk of Delay or Loss: By personally accompanying the cargo, the risk of delays or loss is significantly minimized compared to traditional shipping methods.
  • Personalized Attention: Dedicated couriers provide personalized attention to your shipment, ensuring its safety and security throughout the journey.

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When to Use On Board Courier Service?

The On Board Courier (OBC) service shines in scenarios where time is not just a factor, but a critical element. Consider utilizing this service when you require:

  • Immediate delivery for urgent medical or industrial supplies, crucial documents, or time-sensitive components.
  • Delivery of high-value items, such as prototypes, samples, or essential machinery parts.
  • Swift shipments with tight deadlines, eliminating delays associated with traditional shipping methods.
  • An extra layer of security and personal attention for your valuable cargo.


3PL Companies as Providers of OBC

The landscape of logistics has evolved to meet the demands of a fast-paced world. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies have stepped up to provide comprehensive solutions, with On Board Courier services being a notable addition. 

These 3PL services leverage their extensive network, logistical expertise, and dedication to excellence to offer end-to-end delivery solutions that ensure efficiency, security, and timely deliveries. 

By partnering with 3PL companies, like A&T Supply Logistics, you tap into a wealth of resources, including advanced tracking and a deep understanding of customs and regulations.


A&T: your ally in Hand Carrier

Ready to unlock the speed and efficiency of hand carrier services? A&T Supply Logistics is your trusted partner in achieving seamless and expedited deliveries. 

Our dedication to logistics excellence and expertise in 3PL services makes us the ideal choice for your urgent delivery needs.

Also we can bring you other logistics services like: Kitting, Sub-Assembling, JIT/JIS, among others.

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