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Kitting service: improve your inventory management

Ago 1, 2023 | Kitting Services

In today’s fast-paced business environment, optimizing inventory management is crucial for companies. 

One effective method that has gained popularity across various industries is the kitting process. This practice involves organizing inventory into kits for sale or use, offering numerous benefits. 

Let’s discover more about kitting service


What is inventory kitting logistics?

Inventory kitting facility is a strategic approach to inventory management that involves bundling complementary items together into kits with unique SKU numbers. 

Through material kitting, companies can either physically package the items to define a single SKU for a collection of individually stored components. 

Kitting operations allows companies to create a variety of kits tailored to customer demand, making it particularly popular in online retail businesses and other industries such as pharmaceuticals. automotive and computer manufacturing, among others. 

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Importance of kitting process

By strategically bundling items together, 3PL kitting enables businesses to highlight complementary products and encourage customers to make higher-value purchases. 

Kitting companies’ approach not only increases revenue but also frees up warehouse space for other merchandise.

Also, kitting operations can significantly reduce costs by trimming picking and packing time, resulting in improved operational efficiency. 

Moreover, the streamlined kitting process minimizes errors, which can result in substantial savings by processing fewer returns.

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Benefits of Kitting

Let’s explore some specific benefits that businesses can enjoy by implementing kitting service:

  • Fewer errors: The predefinition and preassembly of items in a kit significantly reduce the chances of errors during order fulfillment. 3PL Kitting leads to higher customer satisfaction and saves the company time and resources.
  • Efficient warehouse space: Material kitting reduces the overall amount of packaging required, optimizing warehouse space and allowing for better organization and inventory management.
  • Lower labor costs: With kitting facility, employees’ increased productivity directly translates to lower labor costs per order and operations.
  • Faster shipping: By eliminating the need to locate, pick, and package individual items for each order, 3PL kitting services enables businesses to expedite the shipping process. 

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Outsourcing kitting service

For companies looking to streamline operations and focus on their core competencies, outsourcing kitting operations can be an attractive option.

Kitting companies offer specialized expertise and resources, ensuring efficient and professional kit assembly.

When selecting a kitting service provider, consider factors such as their experience, capabilities, quality control measures, among others. It’s crucial to assess their ability to handle specific requirements, including managing specific packaging materials and adhering to regulations.

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