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Companies that can use kitting for their warehouse efficiency

Dic 9, 2022 | Cadena de suministro, Kitting Services, Logística, Logística industrial


Warehouse efficiency is needed in all sectors and industries that storage their components or products in time to later send them through a purchase or big order, that’s why a custom kitting can be the key to improve the warehouse efficiency management of a company. Do you want to know in which industries can use kitting?


When we ask ourselves in what kind of companies kitting can be applied, we must remember that kitting is in charge of grouping all the elements of a product, to make a kit. If we think about it, we can discover many more types of companies where it can be used.

Kitting, or kitting, is a process used in all industries to speed up order fulfillment and at the same time make it more efficient, as well as save money.



Industries that use kitting

Kitting is used in the following types of industries as a logistics strategy to manage the warehouse, but also to improve the logistics strategy.


Industrial production

Undoubtedly, this sector, so important for Mexico, cannot be left out. In this case, kitting is used to group the parts needed to assemble a product, for example.

Kitting helps to save time, money and effort of the operators, when they need to look for some products or parts in the industrial warehouse and they can easily locate them.



In warehouse and inventory management, kitting is a fundamental part, as it is used to group products that are frequently purchased or used.

Thus, kitting helps to optimize storage space and facilitates the search for all products, which helps to fulfill orders.



In the logistics sector, kitting plays a major role in streamlining all processes in the logistics supply chain. Order fulfillment is the goal of kitting in this logistics sector.



Retailing in retail, kitting helps to group products that are frequently purchased together, a kit containing complementary products. Beauty products are the perfect example.



In e-commerce, kitting is used to create bundles of products that are normally sold together. It helps save shipping costs and reduces the number of SKUs to be shipped. A perfect example of e-commerce kitting is cell phones that include headphones.



Which of these industries are you in and how would our kitting service help you?


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