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What is the difference between kitting and packing?

Nov 1, 2023 | Kitting Services

In the intricate worlds of manufacturing and logistics, two practices play pivotal roles in the efficient management of components and products: Kitting and packing

While these two terms might sound similar, they serve distinct functions and are crucial in their respective domains. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the fundamental differences between 3PL kitting and 3PL packing, shedding light on their purposes, processes, and applications.


Kitting and Packing Definitions

These are the definitions of Kitting and Packing:


Kitting logistics

Kitting refers to the practice of preparing and organizing a set of components or materials needed for a specific task, such as assembly or production. 

It’s essentially the process of grouping together all the ingredients required to create a final product. 

In a manufacturing context, kitting companies help to collect, bundle, and organize all the necessary components in advance to streamline the production process. 


Packing logistics

Packing is a term primarily associated with logistics and shipping. It’s the process of carefully placing products into containers, typically for the purpose of transportation, distribution, or storage. 

This includes activities like packaging items for sale, ensuring they are adequately protected during transit, and organizing products for efficient handling. 

In the world of logistics, an efficient pack process plays a crucial role in preventing damage, reducing shipping costs, and ensuring products arrive in pristine condition to their destination. 


Key Differences Between Kitting and Packing companies

These the three main differences between packing and kitting in manufacturing:


1. Purpose

The fundamental difference lies in their purpose. 3PL kitting is primarily aimed at preparing components and materials for use in production or assembly, optimizing the workflow. 

3PL packing, on the other hand, revolves around the protective containment and transportation of finished products.


2. Process

Kitting in manufacturing involves the selection, bundling, and organization of components into kits, ensuring everything needed is available at the right time. 

Pack process focuses on the careful and secure placement of products into packaging materials and containers, considering factors like product protection and efficient handling.


3. Application

Kitting logistics is applied in manufacturing to ensure efficient assembly processes and reduce production time. 

Packing logistics is critical to safeguard products during transit and facilitate distribution.


Common Use Cases for Kitting and Packing

Understanding the distinctions and uses between kitting and packing is vital for manufacturers and logisticians to enhance processes. 



  • Manufacturing: Proper kitting companies help to accelerate production, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency. 
  • Electronics Industry: 3PL kitting is vital for preparing components and materials required to assemble electronic devices.
  • Aerospace Industry: Aircraft assembly relies on kitting logistics to ensure components arrive in the right sequence for assembly.



  • E-commerce: Efficient 3PL packing is crucial for online retailers to ensure products reach customers in good condition.
  • Food Industry: Packing companies are essential for preserving the quality and safety of food products during transportation.
  • Logistics: In logistics, an efficient pack process minimizes damage, reduces shipping costs, and streamlines distribution. 

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