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Material kitting for nearshoring operations

Ago 1, 2023 | Kitting Services

In nearshoring strategies, optimizing efficiency and streamlining supply chains are essential for staying competitive. 

Material kitting, a technique that involves assembling raw materials and components required at a specific stage in the manufacturing process, has emerged as a valuable practice.

In this blog, we will explore this kitting facility, its benefits, and how it contributes to nearshoring operations. Let’s dive in!


What is material kitting?

3PL Kitting is a manufacturing technique that involves the assembly of raw materials and components required for a specific stage in the manufacturing process. 

This kitting process divides assembly into two sections: acquiring the necessary components and assembling them for use. 

It differs from product kitting, as it is not packaged for direct sale to consumers, and it is distinct from just-in-time kitting, as it is not assembled on demand.

Kitting logistics is very useful in manufacturing, giving a lot of advantages in their implementation. Do you want to know more about 3PL kitting services? Check this ally


Three advantages of kitting operations

Acquire kitting service helps nearshoring companies to streamline their operations in many ways. These are three main advantages of kitting operations


1 Streamlined supply chain

Kitting process streamlines the supply chain by consolidating individual parts into pre-assembled kits. 

Kitting optimizes warehouse space, improves efficiency, and reduces the cost of shipping, resulting in a more streamlined and cost-effective supply chain.


2 Reduced errors in manufacturing and assembly

By providing pre-kitted materials, kitting companies reduce the number of decisions and potential errors in the assembly process. 

With material kitting, all the necessary components are readily available. Besides, assembly line interruptions caused by material shortages are minimized, saving time and money.


3 Faster assembly line process

Implementing 3PL kitting services in a warehouse can significantly impact the speed of the assembly line. 

By simplifying line-side inventory and ensuring the availability of all required materials with kitting facility, manufacturers can increase efficiency, improve picking and packing speed, reduce material handling time, and minimize the chances of picking up the wrong part.


How can you implement kitting logistics?

To implement material kitting effectively, manufacturers and distributors can consider partnering with experienced kitting companies or integrating kitting processes into their supply chain management systems. 

These experts in kitting service can help assess the specific needs of a manufacturing operation, develop customized kitting strategies, and ensure seamless integration into the production workflow.

Find your strategic ally for 3PL kitting below! 


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