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6 reasons to use 3PL kitting in your manufacturing process

Ago 1, 2023 | Kitting Services

Optimizing the manufacturing process can be a complex task with numerous components to manage. 

However, incorporating 3PL kitting into your operations can streamline workflows, reduce production time, and improve overall efficiency.

Let’s explore the benefits of using kitting services in your manufacturing process! 


What is kitting in manufacturing?

Kitting in manufacturing refers to the process of grouping all the components and materials required for a particular manufacturing process. 

Whether it’s raw materials, finished products, or tools and equipment needed for production, kitting logistics brings everything together in a single package

Kitting facility streamlines workflows, reduces the time taken to complete each step of the production process, and enhances overall efficiency. 

Kitting process plays a crucial role in modern manufacturing, enabling businesses to achieve greater productivity and cost savings.

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Six reasons to use 3PL kitting

Kitting operations bring a lot of benefits in the manufacturing process. These are six reasons why you should consider acquiring 3PL kitting services.


1 Improved efficiency

Kitting operations reduces the time spent gathering components for a specific task or process. 

Thanks to the kitting process, having all the necessary items conveniently bundled together, workers can focus on assembling products instead of searching for individual parts. 

Partnering with kitting companies leads to increased productivity and faster production times!


2 Reduced costs

Kitting facility helps reduce costs associated with inventory management. 

By ordering only the components required for a specific kit, manufacturers can better manage their inventory levels, minimizing waste and lowering the overall cost of goods sold. 

Additionally, material kitting optimizes storage space by packaging multiple products together, reducing the amount of shelf space needed in warehouses.


3 Enhanced quality control

With kitting services, manufacturers can closely monitor and inspect the individual components that go into each kit. 

3PL kitting services ensure all components meet the required quality standards, reducing the risk of errors and defects in the final product. 


4 Flexibility

Kitting logistics allows for greater flexibility in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers can easily modify the contents of a kit to meet changing customer needs or market demands. 

This adaptability ensures efficient production and helps businesses stay competitive in a dynamic market.


5 Enhanced customer service:

Kitting companies improves customer service by providing customers with the exact components they need in a convenient and organized package. 

Customers can assemble or install products more quickly, saving time and improving their overall experience. Kitting operations leads to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business! 


6 Increased profit

Implementing kitting in manufacturing process can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Bundling products encourages customers to purchase more, increasing sales revenue. 

Moreover, the efficiency gained through 3PL kitting helps reduce operational costs, contributing to overall profitability.


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