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5 benefits of material kitting in nearshoring

Ago 1, 2023 | Kitting Services

In the dynamic landscape of nearshoring operations, finding ways to optimize efficiency and improve productivity is crucial for manufacturers. 

One such method gaining popularity is material kitting. This kitting service involves assembling the necessary raw materials and components for a specific stage in the manufacturing process.

Let’s explore five key benefits of 3PL kitting in nearshoring and how it can positively impact operations. Let’s delve into it!


Main benefits of material kitting

Kitting facility can be the difference to give your nearshoring operations the boost to success. Learn about these main benefits of kitting and then the ally to acquire these 3PL kitting services.


1- Streamlined inventory management

Kitting process plays a vital role in streamlining inventory management for nearshoring operations. 

By pre-assembling kits containing all the required components, kitting logistics can simplify the process of tracking and managing inventory. 

Kitting companies help to reduce storage space requirements and improve inventory accuracy, making it easier to monitor and replenish materials as needed.


2- Enhanced efficiency and productivity

Kitting operations significantly improves efficiency and productivity on the assembly line. 

With kitting, all the necessary components are readily available in pre-kitted packages and workers can eliminate time-consuming tasks such as searching for individual parts. 

This kitting process minimizes assembly line interruptions, accelerates production cycles, and boosts overall operational efficiency.


3- Reduced errors and mistakes

One of the key benefits of a kitting facility is its ability to reduce errors in nearshoring operations

By 3PL kitting, manufacturers can ensure that workers have everything they need to complete a specific task accurately. 

For that reason, kitting operations reduces the chances of errors, such as using incorrect parts or omitting essential components, resulting in higher-quality outputs and fewer instances of rework.


4- Improved supply chain coordination

Kitting logistics contributes to better coordination within the nearshoring supply chain. 

By 3PL kitting services, manufacturers can have pre-kitted materials readily available and streamline the flow of components from suppliers to the production line. 

Kitting facility enables better synchronization and coordination between various stakeholders, optimizing the overall supply chain process and ensuring timely delivery of materials.


5- Cost savings and waste reduction

Material kitting offers significant cost savings and waste reduction opportunities for nearshoring operations. 

Kitting companies help manufacturers minimize excess inventory, reduce material waste, and improve overall cost control. 

In addition, the streamlined inventory management and improved efficiency of the kitting service contributes to lower operating costs and increased profitability.


A&T: leader in 3PL kitting services

To harness the full potential of material kitting in your nearshoring endeavors, partner with A&T Supply Logistics!

Our expertise in 3PL kitting services and comprehensive supply chain solutions can help you streamline operations, drive efficiency, and achieve your business goals.

Embrace material kitting in your nearshoring operations and unlock the advantages it brings. Also, we can bring you more logistic services like Labeling, Warehouse Management, Inventory, JIT/JIS, among others! 

Contact us today and drive success in your nearshoring operations! 

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