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What is kitting in ecommerce?

Jun 8, 2023 | Kitting Services

We know about the kitting process in manufacturing and their benefits for supply chains in Mexico and the United States.

Nevertheless, kitting is a logistic service that can bring advantages to other types of business like ecommerce brands.

Overall, a 3PL company in Mexico can provide valuable support for kitting service in ecommerce, helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Let’s know more about this!


Kitting in ecommerce

Ecommerce kitting refers to the practice of bundling multiple products together to create a new, value-added product. For example, an ecommerce retailer might create a kit building that includes a set of skincare products, or a set of cooking utensils.

The purpose of kitting in ecommerce is to create new products that offer additional value to customers, while also increasing the retailer’s profitability with the customizable kits

By bundling products together, this logistic system can create a product that is more appealing to customers, while also increasing the average order value.

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Example for kitting process in ecommerce

There exists several ways that kitting can help an ecommerce brand. There are a few examples:

  • Subscription boxes: Subscription boxes are a popular form of ecommerce kitting. These boxes contain a selection of products that are curated based on a specific theme or niche, and are delivered to customers on a regular basis (e.g. monthly or quarterly).
  • Bundled products: Ecommerce retailers may bundle complementary products together to create a new product offering. For example, a retailer might bundle a set of kitchen knives with a cutting board and a knife sharpener, creating a complete set for customers. And this can be improved with kit building.
  • Customizable kits: Some ecommerce retailers allow customers to create their own customized kits, selecting specific products from a list of options. This allows customers to create a personalized product that meets their specific needs or preferences.

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A 3PL in Mexico can supply kitting services

A 3PL (third-party logistics) company can provide valuable support for kitting service in ecommerce, helping to streamline the supply chain and increase efficiency. Here are some specific ways that a 3PL company can help with kitting service for ecommerce:

  • Inventory management: A 3PL company can manage inventory levels and ensure that all the necessary components are in stock for kitting. This can help reduce lead times and minimize the risk of stockouts or delays.
  • Kitting preparation: A 3PL company in Mexico can gather and organize all the necessary products for kitting, ensuring that everything is packaged together in a single kit. This can help reduce the time and effort required by ecommerce retailers to prepare products for shipping.
  • Customization and personalization: A 3PL company can provide customization and personalization services for ecommerce kitting, allowing customers to select specific products or customize the contents of their kit.

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A&T Supply Logistics is the best ally for your ecommerce kitting

A&T Supply Logistics offers top-quality kitting services for ecommerce brands!

Our experience can help you optimize your inventory management, reduce costs, and improve productivity by doing customized kits to your requirements.

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