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How do to know if you need a warehouse logistics supplier?

Dic 12, 2022 | Cadena de suministro, Control de calidad, Kitting Services, Logística industrial

What is warehouse management system or warehouse administration?


The warehouse management system controls the daily warehouse operations to simplify them. Among its functions is the registration of incoming and outgoing goods, the arrangement of goods, inventory management, picking and shipping.



How to identify if your company needs a 3PL warehouse logistics?


There are some indicators with which you can identify if you need a correct logistics management. Read the following approaches and if you identify with more than one of them, it is certain that logistics management is urgently needed in your company.


  1. Inventory control is deficient and this has repercussions on the high costs of maintaining inventory.


  1. Warehouse operators need to use their judgment to arrange the merchandise in the spaces that are free.


  1. Warehouse tours are complex and inefficient processes.


  1. There is no record of the logistical footprint of the products, so the calculation of storage capacity, replenishment and picking are not reliable and have been wrong.


  1. The application of picking of the merchandise does not guarantee the correct rotation of the inventory.


  1. Erroneous picking practices generate lost sales and returns, or increase operating costs, due to the time spent dealing with customer complaints and correcting picking errors.


  1. The error rate is high and increases operating expenses, because counting is done manually and errors cannot always be avoided.


  1. Picking is carried out manually and depending only on the expertise of the staff, without supervision, which causes undetectable errors at the time.


  1. The arrangement of goods is not efficient, which leads to insufficient space.


  1. There are no reports on performance indicators, which allow for operational follow-up and decision making.



These are just some of the indicators that occur when warehouse efficiency is very low or non-existent and warehouse and inventory management is required to keep it under control.


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