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Key picking process for pnp warehouse

Dic 9, 2022 | Cadena de suministro, Logística, Logística industrial, Picking

The management of industrial warehouses is an important factor in the operation and efficiency of the supply chain of all companies.  In many occasions it can be a critical process, but it must work in conjunction with the logistics chain.



Why is picking process in warehouse a key to the supply chain?


Picking is the most important factor when it comes to order picking in industrial warehouses or distribution centers. Picking is the process by which greater productivity is achieved in warehouse picking.

In addition, it helps to quickly find the kits that the production lines need at any given time. Kitting brings together the parts that make up an entire product or larger pieces.



Is it the same looking for a needle in a haystack or a box full of needles in a haystack?


It’s much the same in industrial warehouses. Because they are huge warehouses that store all kinds of parts and artifacts that operators need and have to look for without any precise indication.

Except when picking, that is when the warehouse logistics are put together and then the arrangement of each part or product in the place is planned.



How can you manage inventories correctly with a pick and pack company?


  1. Know in depth the activities and tasks that must be done in the warehouse.
  2. Analyze the type of product you handle and reduce shrinkage.
  3. Create facilities and trained personnel.
  4. Access to information in real time.
  5. Improve the warehouse function.



The warehouse function in the supply chain logistics process is extremely important. The lack of parts due to lack of inventory is a lack that impacts negatively.


With the picking service, companies and their productions work 100%.



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