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Types of kitting that will help you sell fast and easy.

Nov 23, 2022 | Kitting Services

Practical and easy solution to get the best sales (even of product from past seasons).

Are you trying to introduce a new product to the market and don’t know how? This is a very common situation, and there is a practical and easy solution to do; Kitting.

Learn about the most effective types of kitting and how to use them. In addition to the benefits they will bring you in sales. Read on and find the solution to your sales problems.


What is product kitting?

Product kitting is a service that gathers several individual items into one unit to sell them together as an offer. These products are known as kits and are an inventory management strategy and are intended to streamline order fulfillment.


What are kit products used for?

Response times are usually shorter and more efficient when pre-assembled or pre-designed kits are available. This avoids the need for customers to place customized orders that will have to be assembled on the spot.


Generally, each product kit is designed and manufactured with the intention of generating a boost to slow-selling products with popular products to avoid backlogs.



Types of product kitting


Some of the best known and most effective examples of product kitting for sale are:


  1. Assembled products.

Assembled products are common in kitting and are a fundamental part of e-commerce fulfillment.

In this way, it is possible to provide more options to consumers.


  1. Subscription boxes

This is a type of exclusive sale, where only subscribers receive various products. In addition, third-party platforms make it possible to streamline the process even faster.


  1. Collections

Product collections help sell more than one product. A person is more likely to buy a set of nail polishes in different shades than just one, as collections are complementary.



What are the benefits of kitting?

Among the most notable advantages of kitting are those that help to make the most of resources, time and storage space.


Optimization of the work process

By having products ready for sale, assembly operators do not need to search for products to complete assembly.


Fast and error-free fulfillment

The kits usually have a variety of products and therefore the purchase request is clearer and more concise. By choosing one kit or another, some of the customization of orders is eliminated and errors are avoided.

Selling by kit is much faster, because it facilitates a large part of the production and assembly process.


Boosts consumer sales

Product kits usually contain surprises or additional gifts. This causes interest and expectation in customers and thus drives sales.


Avoids overstocking or insertion of new products.

This sales method facilitates the purging of limited edition and past seasonal products or merchandise, promoting it for sale.

In addition, adding a new product along with others already positioned increases the speed of acceptance.


These are just some of the benefits you can take advantage of in selling your products.


What did you think of the time efficiency and sales process you can obtain with kitting?

It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s amazing how something like the kits we commonly see can help vein momentum. But not only that, it helps the logistical process during assembly. Ideal for both large and small companies.


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