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What is the importance of picking in warehouse management?

Sep 9, 2022 | Picking

Warehouse management plays an essential role in any organization’s supply chain.


What does picking consist of?


One of the key components in Picking planning is demand planning, that is, having an understanding and control of the requests to be fulfilled and their delivery dates, so that this understanding allows us to create or repurchase the requested products.

Another key point is having an information management system that allows us to maintain control and accommodate the flow of information such as SAP Business One, which is created during the picking process, this allows us to have visibility into the efficiency of the process and helps us to avoid delivery delays, out-of-stocks and losses.

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How to produce efficient inventory management?


Knowing in depth the occupations that are granted inside the warehouse: knowing the occupations that develop in your warehouse allows you to generate tactics to optimize the storage and the processes that are developed there.

Having access to real-time information: Having real and up-to-date information enables correct administration and better tracking of the products that sale and access to the deposit, which makes it possible to take choices about supply and production, which at the same time makes it possible to improve them delivery times.

As we discussed in the previous list, having control of a warehouse is very critical because it belongs to the resources to which a greater proportion of the company’s resources are allocated.

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What is the role of picking in warehouse management?


The key to an efficient claims preparation process is obtaining the lowest price per unit served and the most immediate and direct delivery possible to the final recipient.

To improve these lead times, a good picking tactic is important.

The buying patterns of our own consumers

This allows us to accommodate warehouses so that product collection is simpler and faster for the operator.

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