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The 6 rules of Kanban in Kitting

May 13, 2022 | 3PL Services

Kanban method is a visual board used for the definition of the steps in the assembling of a finished product or kit. Learn here the 6 rules of Kanban and how implement them in your kitting process.


First Rule In Kanban: Never pass on defective products in the kitting process

Not following this step can represent a more expensive process of kitting, assemble just the good products not only on the school kits but all the kits that you deliver to your clients with the help of an expert here.

This can be done with the help of a sorting company that gives you quality control services in your production processes, learn more here.


Second Rule In Kanban: Take only what is needed

Only assemble the necessary components in your kitting process and do it by only using the right resources at the right time, this would reduce the risks of misinformation in the assemble of your kits.

You can find how to detect these defects with a dock audit before sending your product to your clients by reading this next article.


Third Rule In Kanban: Produce the exact quantity required

This rule will be dictated according to your client needs and the size of their requirements, working with the assembling of kits will let you know just how much components are required for the purchase request.

Learn more about the solutions a 3PL can give your processes here.


Fourth Rule In Kanban: Level the production

One of the solutions that kitting wants to provide is the lack of components for the assembling of goods, the Kanban considers this a fluctuation in the production process since causes stoppages and negative effects in the inventory.


Fifth Rule In Kanban: Fine-tune production

The production process and times will change according to the demand of the finished product or kits, if it increases you will need more inventory administration to attend this demand, that’s why outsourcing your kitting processes in Mexico will help you fulfill the high-volume requirements of your clients in less time than the competence.

Start using a Mexican kitting outsourcer for your company, more information about how it works here.


Sixth Rule In Kanban: Stabilize and rationalize the kitting process.

Analyze the process needed to finish a product and what parts are required to make the final kits, this way searching an assembly kitting supplier and following their service will be easier and eliminate risk in their production.


In A&T Sorting we specialize in giving international companies a kitting solution in Mexico with a efficient and economic workforce.

Contact us here to start using a kitting service and achieve a Just In Time production of your kits or final products.

You can also write us a mail to or make a call to (844) 419 2582.

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