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A&T Tracking System, a pioneer in the development of Technology 4.0 for the Monitoring of Quality Services in Mexico.


You will have access to 200+ users per departmental level, also you will see the report from your providers in containment.

Números de Parte

Each number of part on inspection count with graphics of PPM’s, Paretos, annual and monthly concentrated and inspection details.

Evidencias Fotográficas

Daily photographic evidences, numbers of part, 5’s, inspection reports.


Of shelter information with 3 security levels.

Tracking System of Projects – A&T Tracking System


A&T not only gives superior services to your business, it also is going to be benefited from our high technology.

Anyone could proportionate data, but our TI, Quality, Operations teams and our clients have been contributing to the development of the A&T Tracking System.

When you work with A&T, the data of your project are going to be available in a secure way only touching their laptop, tablet or smartphone. From the initial notification to the completely documented solution, access 24/7, daily actualized data of the project, an easy-to-use system of data and show from your platform or downloading the Excel formats.

Capacity of the A&T Tracking System

  • Report by hours for day and inspector .
  • Downloading of work instructions in PDF format.
  • Historial of every project since the start.
  • Unlimited users simultaneously.
  • Databases with 3 security levels.
  • Information with daily actualization.
  • Detailed information by the box (NS, lots, damages).
  • Statistic by a number part and consolidated.
  • Selling reports the next able day of the inspection.

Benefits of A&T Tracking System

  • Elaboration instructions of work in 2 hours and online.
  • Availability 24/7 in any part of the world.
  • Save time on your work by elaborating of the reports.
  • Practice for the pieces of evidence on their auditories of SGC.
  • If you are a client of A&T your access is for a lifetime.
  • Responsive view in any dispositive.
  • We assign an unique ID for each tracking project.
  • Downloadable informs in Excel format.
  • Results of inspection with photos and issues.
We offer total control


Each project assigns a unique ID called RFQ, which makes your project unmistakable and provides unique traceability..

Optimized Stadistics

Monthly Accumulated

Hurry? We offer you quick visibility of the current month vs last month and yearly cumulative performance of all your projects.

Quality Standards

WI- Inspection Method

We elaborate the wotk instruction from the very beginning of the activity. Available for you on the platform and downloadable in PDF format. The guarantee of a good inspection is the stablishing a correct work method.

ERP for Quality Control
Monitoring of Worked Hours
Documented Evidency

Work Method

Our supervisors develop work method in 3 hours. We give yo your authorization and after we train our staff in operation.
Our Quality Warriors are based on on mehtod for the inspection, clasification and labeling of product.
Everytime you have new orders, sales team will take note of each requeriment of your project, an standard of the industry or something special for your operation.

In the RFQ you established the reachs of operation.

  • Plant Access:SUA Payment, IMSS, EPP.
  • Focus Operation: Parts Number, lots, work conditions, tools, purchase brands, work methods.
  • Staff: Schedules, workshift and workers quantity.
  • Reports: Selling Frequence, evidency, distribution list.
  • Evidency: The mission of our team leader assigned to your project is capture the most relevant images of their issues.

Stadistic for the decission take:

  • Resume: You will observe PPM’s, Inspection Quantity and Pareto of each number part or global vision.
  • Anual Report: We show you the life of your project with annual data.
  • Hours Resume: The hours and inspection rates are transparent by workshift and inspector to better traceability.

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