The Kitting Service consists in group and assambly products parts or complete products in one pack or kit. The purpose is reduce time in production processes, as well as costs and improve efficiency.

Through the Kitting Service of A&T, your business is going to reduce the time and optimize the order and processes. Collaborators receive kits with necessary components in each stage of supply chain. This way they don’t need to search the pieces, operation is going to be cleanest and fastest.

How Kitting Supplier helps my business?

Thanks to Kitting, collaborators improve the speed of picking up and packaging single orders, which makes it possible getting a bigger quantity of kits at the same time and faster compliancy with the required pieces.

Translating as an efficient experience that reduce costs for clients and industry manufacturers Kitting is ideal when you need to assemble packs with similary or identical objects.

If you need support on the Kitting process, come with A&T, we count with staff to help you find the needed solution and you’re not going to neglect the principal activities of your business.

Which are the Kitting Benefits to my business?

  • You get more space because, collaborator has what they need when they need it. They aren’t surround by materials and components anymore.
  • You can save time, all the time the collaborators used to take searching specific pieces and components is reduced, all they need is in the same kit.
  • Reduce the number of pieces in the working area.
  • Assembly of kits turns into a filter and this reduce the selling mistakes and assures constant improvement.
  • Allows the knowledge of which kind of pieces they have to ask for and the inventory gets easiest..
  • Fabrication starts outside the plant, this improves productivity and labor costs.

Do you need this support?

We count with coverture in the most important Clusters of Mexico and the USA. The Kitting Business you are looking for is A&T.

We cover: Saltillo, Derramadero, Ramos Arizpe, Arteaga, Santa Catarina, Apodaca, Monterrey, San Luis Potosí, León, Silao, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Aguascalientes, Querétaro, Puebla, Guadalajara, Toluca, Tlanepantla, CDMX and more.

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